Natural Treatment for Bruises Ribs


If you rally an accident, commonly you get your ribs injure. It might get broken or bruised. The first and foremost obsession a doctor should do is to make you relax and make out that you do not damage the nearby tissues specially lungs. It is of utmost significance to have a physical examination done along with an X-ray report. The essential symptom of bruised rib is breathlessness, difficulty in breathing and moving but treating a bruised rib naturally is very simple and effective.

The process that you can follow in  istreatment of bruised ribs naturally are given below:-

1.    Put an ice pack on the injured area. Submission of ice will help in reducing the puffiness inthe affected area and will surely prevent the over flow of blood inside as well as outwardly. This process could be continued till 48 hours till the gentleness and swelling is reduced. Keep in mind that no movement supposed to be there in the ribcage area as broken rib bone may harm lungs.

2.    Any non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug should be administered. It will solve two purposes. Firstly it would reduce the hurting and secondly it will also help in reducing the swelling. But always remember that one should take a direction of a doctor as one might need a stronger drug depending upon the degree of injury. Again restrict the movement of the patient to avoid pain.

3.    One should be careful enough to treat the problems that are linked with bruised ribs like pneumonia etc. For this it is suggested that one should slowly and steadily perform deep breathing exercises. breathe in to the maximum comfort zone. Hold your breath as long as possible and then exhale to the maximum. By following this process your lung movement would be restored and maintained.

4.    After a few days of injury, one can start with several stretching exercises to restore the movements of the chest.

5.    During the total course of healing one should start with the Cissus quadrangularis utilization. This herb has some divine powers and helps in increasing the healing process up to 40 %.  This is the finest way of treating bruised ribs naturally.

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How can we cure a broken rib?

Broken bone is a hurting situation so as the broken rib. The main challenge that we face for curing a broken rib is that the ribs can’t be immobilized. Immobilization cannot be done as our thoracic cavity expands and contracts due to inhalation activity. But there are certain methods and modes to heal a broken rib.

How to heal a broken rib

A few important  instruction that can be very helpful in case of a broken rib are given below:-

  1. Rest – Rest is one of the very important criteria for healing a fracture. Hence same is with the rib. As much as you will get rest the healing will be extra accurate and good. Avoid any kind of stress mainly on the rib part. Don’t indulge in physical activities.
  2. Proper Care for lungs – lungs are considered to be the essential organs of the body. Lungs are the main basis we could inhale the oxygen so that it may be extracted to various other organs of the body. Injury or any kind of illness to the lungs may be a complication in rib fracture. One should also avoid taking deep breath as that may also obstruct in the healing process of ribs.
  3. Medication – one should take proper medication as suggested by a physician. It is very important that management of pain killers and anti – inflammatory medicines must be done. This will help in reducing the agony of pain and also helps in reducing the swelling in the body. As mentioned earlier also that with regular breathing it is really very difficult to immobilize ribs thus pain killers are the right option to hold back pain.
  4. Position to lie down – If you are not suffering with injuries on neck, or on back then it is always compulsory that you must lie down on the side with the broken rib. This will aid in easy growth of the ribs and it would be less painful.
  5. Balanced diet – It is always recommended that one should take a proper balanced diet. As there is increased require of vitamins and minerals in the body while healing of a fracture thus there should be a first-class supply of these vitamins and minerals to deal with the increased demand.
  6. Various professional therapies like heat cold therapies are done to advance the healing process. Various doctors and physicians also recommended chest binders that are supportive in protecting the chest and rib cage form further injuries.
  7. One should be bit patient with the healing process. Healing is a natural procedure and healing of a broken rib is not different from it. In general a rib takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get healed. Hence one should be patient and protect the rib from damages that can be done due to unawareness.

Broken Rib Treatment: It has been noticed that an herb named Cissus Quadrangularis is awfully efficient in healing of the fracture and reduce the time of healing by up to 40 percent.

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Reduce the Healing Time of your Fractured Ribs- Rib Fracture Treatment

Rib fracture is known to be the breaking up or cracking of one or more rib bones there in the rib cage. The first rib is rarely seen getting break as it is secured in front by clavicle. But if somehow it gets broken then it poses solemn threat to the brachial plexus of nerves and the subclavian vessels present at the back . In general, the fracture of first two ribs can be connected to facial or skull injury rather than thoracic injury.

Rib Fracture Treatment

As per the cracked rib medication is concerned, there is no other treatment that can be done. In case of such injuries only helpful treatments is suggested. In simple rib fracture preventive pain relieving treatment should be followed. Pain must be administered with the help of pain killers and analgesics. Cough syrups must be given to repress cough.

Cracked rib treatment for interior fixation may include of.

  1. Sharp innovations ribloc is a titanium metal plate that is U shaped. It is made in such a way that its size is same to the thickness of the rib. It is fixed with the help of screws on the anterior and latter aspect of the bone in such a way that the nervous system in the nearby area don’t get damaged. These plates are designed in such a way that it matches the rib and is available in many sizes and lengths.
  2. One more feature of cracked rib treatment is Judet and/or sanchez/struts. These are kind of metal plates that have strips. These strips are used by winding around the affected rib to make the rib constant. As the rib is put in place various sutures.
  3. Synthes matrix RIB fixation system. It has two options. In the first care the pre-contoured plate that is prepared of metal uses screws to maintain the place of the cracked rib. The second is intra-medullary splint, in this splint is drilled into the bone and then it is tightened by a screw.
  4. The fourth category comprises of the anterior locking plate which are metal plates that comprises of holes to tighten the screws all thorough the plate. In this process, the plate is positioned all over the rib and then the screws are tightened to place the bone in place that is required. The plate can also be bent as per the necessary curvatures on the bone.

These are the methods that are complied in the case of cracked rib cure. The above mentioned treatments are basically considered to ensure that the broken rib does not get displaced and can effortlessly be rejoined by the easy bone healing process.

To advance healing time of the bone, one supernatural ayurvedic herb named cissus quadrangularis can be used. Researchers have proved that this herb has the ability to reduce cracked rib healing time of the bone up to 40 %. As it is an herb therefore it is 100% safe to use and does not direct any kind of side effects.

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