Natural Treatment for Bruises Ribs

23 Nov


If you rally an accident, commonly you get your ribs injure. It might get broken or bruised. The first and foremost obsession a doctor should do is to make you relax and make out that you do not damage the nearby tissues specially lungs. It is of utmost significance to have a physical examination done along with an X-ray report. The essential symptom of bruised rib is breathlessness, difficulty in breathing and moving but treating a bruised rib naturally is very simple and effective.

The process that you can follow in  istreatment of bruised ribs naturally are given below:-

1.    Put an ice pack on the injured area. Submission of ice will help in reducing the puffiness inthe affected area and will surely prevent the over flow of blood inside as well as outwardly. This process could be continued till 48 hours till the gentleness and swelling is reduced. Keep in mind that no movement supposed to be there in the ribcage area as broken rib bone may harm lungs.

2.    Any non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug should be administered. It will solve two purposes. Firstly it would reduce the hurting and secondly it will also help in reducing the swelling. But always remember that one should take a direction of a doctor as one might need a stronger drug depending upon the degree of injury. Again restrict the movement of the patient to avoid pain.

3.    One should be careful enough to treat the problems that are linked with bruised ribs like pneumonia etc. For this it is suggested that one should slowly and steadily perform deep breathing exercises. breathe in to the maximum comfort zone. Hold your breath as long as possible and then exhale to the maximum. By following this process your lung movement would be restored and maintained.

4.    After a few days of injury, one can start with several stretching exercises to restore the movements of the chest.

5.    During the total course of healing one should start with the Cissus quadrangularis utilization. This herb has some divine powers and helps in increasing the healing process up to 40 %.  This is the finest way of treating bruised ribs naturally.

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